flexCMO provides start ups, medium and large organisations with access to flexible on-demand senior marketing expertise.

Access your own in-sourced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) without the headcount and associated costs. You decide how much strategic marketing support you need and we bill you accordingly. There are no employment contracts to worry about.

If you simply have a short term need, whether to fill an interim role or deliver a project, we are flexible enough to accommodate that too.

Our focus is on strategic thinking and planning. We believe marketing thought well is marketing done right. When it comes to implementation, we can work with your team or help you source the right specialists to deliver on the agreed strategy.

Some of the work we do include

  • How do we grow revenue – in existing segments/markets? Are there other segments/markets that are attractive for us?
  • How can we optimise revenue across existing segments and products? How do we increase revenue per customer?
  • What marketing activities should we be doing to support the business strategy?
  • Where are our leads coming from? How do we generate more?
  • How do we position our brand(s) to meet our strategic objectives?
  • Is our marketing function doing the right activities? Is it structured right?

Our commercial arrangements are flexible to suit your needs and budget. You pay for the help you need, with no impact on your headcount and ongoing HR/IR responsibilities.

To find out more, email hello@flexcmo.com.au or call our Principal flexCMO, Alice Chiew on 0412382005.